Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hanging Gardens of Boomland

To make use of and to improve the lookof the latest Off-Grid installation, the garden team have installed a hanging garden full of strawberries.

The concept is simple, pallets are fixed to the frame then plastic bags are inserted into the hole where the forklift normally goes. This is then filled with a mixture of compost and soil, watered and finally, pierce holes in the plastic and insert desired plant.
The space behind the garden is used to store firewood for heating the office and kitchen.

We look forward to eating all the fresh, organic strawberries in the spring.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter Preparations

Since the winter has begun, temperatures are now dropping below 0°C and we are having heavy frosts. There are many tropical plants that we are preparing for the festival, which do not like the cold weather.
Our solution for this was to construct a 6m geodesic dome, cover it and create a greenhouse. However, the cover does not offer enough protection on the freezing nights…Time for another solution.

Rocket Mass Heater!



The solution to combat the cold, we built a Rocket Mass Heater(almost) to heat the greenhouse. This is not an exact copy of the original as we want to keep as much room for plants.

We started with the firebox. This was dug into the ground to about 50cm to use the earth as a heat source.

Then the exhaust chamber and the chimney, and finally covered it  in clay.


After 3 or 4 days the first coat of clay should be dry enough, and we will be able to add the cobb.

Stay tuned.....

Monday, 18 November 2013

Boom Sustainability Vision

Boom has been at the cutting edge of sustainable action in festivals for many years.

We don't green wash, we're not into logos. One thing we're into is walking our talk.

Boom has been working towards extreme sustainability in harmony with Mother Earth. This includes creating low impact shelters, producing organic food, generating renewable energy, cleaning all waste water biologically, recycling materials and the creation of our infamous Boom toilets.
We recognise there is much to learn, so we are always researching, putting things into action, learning by our mistakes and celebrating our successes to make every edition of Boom an integrated experience.

When you come to Boom, you are a part of the sustainable cultural experience where we live to be the change!

Know more about Boom Environmental Program Here!