Saturday, 9 February 2013

Building New Raised Beds for Veggies in the Garden

We need to expand the vegetable production for self consumption, by start building new areas of production, according the system of raised beds.

  • First the trunks and old wood, 
  • Then covered with a good quantity of old straw.
  • It will be one more month stabilizing and decomposing.
  • After we will instal a dripper for watering in the summer.
  • Finally it will be planted and seeded.

It is important to say, that during last summer we experiment this system to plant and produce vegetables, with weather temperatures around fourty degrees and great dryness in the atmosphere, it has been necessary to water only once a week.

Another curious thing is the quantity and variety of mushrooms that grow in the old  straw bales.

None of these are edible, but we are already experimenting the innocculation of edible species.

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